The Impact of Web Design and Development on your Business

Why worry about the design?

Ok, so I know many of you have wondered about the whole fuss behind good web design, web development and what good does it do for the business. If that’s your case, I’ll share a little info that might help clear that up for you. For starters, Web design involves all visual aesthetics and UI/UX versatility. In other words, all color schemes, images, layouts and everything else related to the user experience and user interface.

It’s your virtual presence, and it is quite often the first impression, sometimes even the only impression you will make on potential customers, partners and even investors. With that in mind comes the first benefit of custom web design. It has the power to strengthen your branding. Yes, believe it or not, it does. You see, when you create a custom web design, you get the chance to tailor it around your brand and what you want visitors to remember about you. A custom design gives you the particular advantage to have a unique spot to show off. Though there might be something similar, it will never be the same. In a world where everyone strives to be unique, and people are drawn to those who achieve it, you get the opportunity to stand out.

Now that the design is set, what about the rest?

Great design is not the only important part of creating a positive impact on your website for your business. Content and development play rolls just as important as the design. Web development involves all the codes that make sure your design works. To give you a better idea, I’ll divide it into two areas, the first behind the scenes part involves the section of the coding. This section is responsible for determining how the design will be displayed. Then there’s the second behind the scenes part which covers all database management and serves that data to the visual section. Within that code, we also want to point out the fact that you must include SEO keywords to make sure your website is working to your advantage.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and even though we’re not going to dig in too deep around it right now, just so you have an idea, it’s the process in which you get traffic from “organic,” “free” and “natural” search results on search engines.

Like we said before, content is also one of the keys to success, and I’ll explain why. The content on your website is highly likely to be the reason why people went to your site in the first place. Maybe they were looking for a particular service or product and wanted to learn more about it, or maybe you have articles or information they might need as a reference so either way, in both scenarios and many other possible ones, the content is very relevant. Starting with the “tone of voice” which is just the character you want to introduce to your audience and has a lot to do with how you say things, instead of what you are saying. Also, the grammar police are everywhere; please make sure not to disappoint them. Proper grammar and an appropriate vocabulary will help you get the message effectively to your audience while they enjoy their visit to your site

What if I I have more questions or want help with my website?

This post is just a brief explanation to help you understand a bit more about the impact a good web design and development can make on your audience and simultaneously on your business. If you want more information on how we can help you optimize your website and online presence, just contact us and send out your questions. We’d love to meet you and help you get the best out of your online and web tools to drive you to success.